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An independently owned and operated escrow company built by faith, based on customer service and integrity

Our Commitment To You

At Harbor Lights Escrow, your satisfaction and peace of mind is our primary concern. We are dedicated to aligning our interests and goals with yours and meeting your definition and expectations of quality. We work with you upfront to understand what is truly important to you & how you define quality in addition to the things that we know are important in providing the highest value, innovative real estate solutions. Additionally, Harbor Lights Escrow provides access to its most experienced staff via hands-on management, sterling customer service and support, operational transparency and continuous access to your project information.

We differentiate ourselves from our competitors by:

♦  Providing unequalled service through our dedicated Customer Service Department

♦ Using the volume of your business to negotiate competitive pricing

♦ Creating a cohesive partnership with the Realtor and Lender to ensure a smooth transaction for our customer

♦ Providing loan document signing

♦ Distributing updates on legislative matters that affect the real estate industry

While all escrow companies talk about quality, our commitment to quality underpins everything we do and differentiates us from our competition. Let us show you the Harbor Lights Escrow difference: Service, Experience, Accessibility and Quality.

Harbor Lights Escrow is an independent escrow company. We are licensed by the State of California, Department of Oversite; License No. 963-1843. The license regulates the procedures and practices that we follow and subjects us to stringent requirements that are designed to protect the consumer. By choosing Harbor Lights Escrow, you are safeguarding your investment.

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